2016 Dental Implant World Meeting Sydney

The 2016 Dentium World Forum on Dental Implant was held at the Hilton Sydney on the 8th Oct 2016. More than 600 Clinicians from 16 different countries attending lectures by world prominent key opinion leaders.

Dr Christopher Sim from Singapore was one of the invited speakers . Other invited speakers included Prof Myron Nevins ( USA ), Prof David Kim of Harvard University (USA) , Dr Chung Sung Min ( Korea), Dr Peter Mansour ( Australia ) and Dr Lincoln Harris ( Australia )

Dr Christopher Sim‘s lecture , Narrow Ridge Implant : A Novel Approach to Dental Implant Placement in Thin Ridges was well received by the clinicians from all over the world . Dr Christopher Sim (Singapore) presentations provided insights on the features of the NR Line Implant System and its different applications and techniques for optimal clinical success in Narrow Ridge cases.

Dr Myron Davies (USA) spoke on the topic of “ Implant treatment for the Periodontally Compromised Patient. Prof David Kim( USA) gave a presentation on A Simplified Approach to Guided Bone Regeneration. Dr Peter Mansour ( Australia) gave an interesting lecture : Beauty is only Gum Deep but complications is Clean to the Bone. Dr Chung Sung Min rounded up the meeting with latest bone grafting materials for dental implant surgery .