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Author: Mount Elizabeth Dental Surgery Admin

2018 Dentium World Symposium in Seoul

Dentium World Symposium, an international academic implant event, that draws keen attention is being held on this upcoming May 13th (Sun.) in grand ballroom in COEX.

2017 Dental Implant Meeting Singapore

This was held at Grand Hyatt Ball Room on 19th Novmenber 2017. The meeting which was organised by Osstem includes Real- Time Video Transmission of

2017 Dental Implant World Meeting Barcelona Spain

Dr Christopher  Sim was one of the  6 invited international speakers . Other invited speakers include  World renown Prof Myron Nevins ( Harvard ,USA ), Prof Mariano Sanz( Madrid  Spain ), Prof Hernadez  Alfaro ( Barcelona ,Spain ) , Prof Alan Meltzer ( Pennsylvania, USA ) , Dr Robert Faulkner .(UCLA USA )  Prof Ui-Won Jung ( Yonsei ,Korea )

2016 Dental Implant World Meeting Sydney

Dr Christopher Sim‘s lecture , Narrow Ridge Implant : A Novel Approach to Dental Implant Placement in Thin Ridges was well received by the clinicians from all over the world . Dr Christopher Sim (Singapore) presentations provided insights on the features of the NR Line Implant System and its different applications and techniques for optimal clinical success in Narrow Ridge cases.