Dental implant prosthetic procedures

This is the last and most important phase of the dental implant treatment procedure. This phase involves the intricate laboratory fabrication of customized implant abutments and their superstructures , which could be a crown, bridge or overdentures. The aesthetics and functional aspects of the final dental implant prosthesis are determined at this stage


Prosthetic Procedures

Impression taking appointment

During this visit, impression copings are connected to the implant body which are now successfully osseointegrated into the jawbone.


The impression copings are picked up with additional silicone impression materials in a special tray. Modern dental impression materials are extremely accurate, thus ensuring that an exact duplicate of your mouth can be reproduced in the dental laboratory

The implant abutments are customized in the dental laboratory. The advantage of using regular implants as compared to mini-implants is that there is a wider range of implant abutments to choose from.


The final superstructure , the implant supported bridge is then customized to fit precisely over the dental implant abutments. The set of implant teeth is now ready for issue to the patient


Implant abutments are connected to the implant fixture body in the upper jaw bone .The final implant bridge will be attached to the implant abutments to give the patient a set of rigidly fixed implant teeth that behaves just like your natural teeth.