Hip Graft (Iliac Crest)

The severe shrinkage of bone is common in patients who lose their teeth at an early age . The trauma of prolonged denture wearing also resulted in rapid bone loss . In order to graft this type of jaw bone for dental implants, a large amount of autogenous bone graft (own bone) is required. The hip (iliac crest) is an ideal donor site as a large amount of cortical and cancellous bone can be harvested.


The left picture shows the iliac crest of the hip for bone harvesting. Bone from the hip is the Gold Standard for bone grafting. It contains a large amount of vital bone cells and can be harvested in large volume. However ,general anaesthetic is required for hip graft


The harvested hip bone is then transferred to the upper jaw and screwed in place . After a period of 4-6 months, new bone will be formed which will allow dental implant placement


Cone beam Ct Scan showing a harvested hip bone screwed onto the upper jaw

FAQ on hip graft for dental implants

Hip graft for dental implants is usually done when there is a lot of bone shrinkage due to early loss of teeth and prolonged denture wearing . As a large amount of donor bone cells is required, the hip is the best donor site as it is rich in bone cells.

Hip grafting is done under general anesthetic in the hospital environment. Usually an overnight stay at the hospital is required.

You can walk the next day after the surgery albeit slowly and not too much.

During the procedure you will not feel any pain as it is done under general anesthesia. There will be some post op pain which is controllable with pain killers.

The hip is the most widely used donor site for jaw reconstruction in the last 2 decades.. There are many long term studies that have shown it to be the gold standard for bone grafting for dental implant placements.

1) Poor oral hygiene
2) Untreated gum disease in the adjacent teeth
3) Dry mouth
4) Severe habit of grinding teeth
5) Chronic liver, kidney diseases
6) Uncontrolled diabetes
7) Uncontrolled hypertension
8) Undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy for treatment of malignant tumours.