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Comprehensive Dental Treatment

-Early childhood caries treatment

Chairside dental treatment including treatment of deep tooth decay with Local anaesthetic

-Root canal treatment in children

Crowning both tooth colored crown for esthetic reason and stainless steel molar crown for durability

-Pharmacological behaviour management

In children who have dental fear, we provide

Oral sedation

Intravenous sedation

Laughing gas

-In young children with severe tooth decay

Oral rehabilitation this includes dental treatment for all tooth decay problem, this will be performed in single visit under general anaesthesia.  Our aim is to treat all decayed teeth with the best possible treatment modalities. Parents and patients are strongly advised to follow our dental hygiene and diet instructions in order to ensure tooth decay should not occur again. We work with experienced children anaesthesiologist

-Paediatric Oral surgery: Removal of extra tooth, cystic lesions in the mouth and jaw, Removal of impacted tooth

-Treatment of severe dental infection: incision and drainage of abscess, hospital admission in severe cases (Eg Dehydration, fever above 39, raised floor of the mouth)

-Dental injury: treatment of fracture primary or permanent teeth.

We are constantly updated with modern dental treatment methods to provide our patient the best possible treatment