What is periodontics?

This is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the soft tissues (gum) and bone supporting the teeth.



Common specialized gum treatments

1) Diagnosis and treatment of gum diseases
Periodontal disease is bacterial infection of gum and bone supporting the teeth in the mouth. Gum diseases progress silently, often without any pain or symptoms . It is very common and affects three out of four adults above the age of 35. In fact, after the age of 18, more than half of the population is likely to have some form of gum disease. Gum disease treatment consists of scaling,polishing and deep cleaning ( root planning ). In severe cases, surgical removable of gum pockets is performed.


2) Correcting gummy smile
When excessive gum is shown when a person smiles, the ‘gummy smile’ is considered to be unsightly. Many people with gummy smile are very self- conscious and often afraid to smile. A gum specialist can correct this problem with a simple gum surgical procedure.


3) Gum grafting for gum recession
Severe gum recession, besides causing the teeth to be very sensitive, can also be unsightly. Cosmetic gum surgery or gum grafting can be done to correct gum recession. Recent advances in materials and surgical techniques have made this procedure more reliable. The recovery time is short and the post-operative discomfort is minimal.