Regular Implant

These are the mainstream of implant dentistry. They have a good long term clinical track record. Regular diameter range from 3.3mm to as wide as 7mm. Implants length ranges from 6 mm to as long as 15 mm.


The main concern for the implant surgeon is that given a patient’s bone condition, the implant size that will give the maximum surface area for bonding to the jaw bone is of clinical importance. For example, a heavy load bearing molar with 3 -4 root s should ideally be replaced with a regular implant diameter of 4.5 mm. In another situation, an immediate implant into a large extraction socket of a molar may require a diameter of 6-7 mm. Similarly, an incisor may need a regular implant of only 4mm in diameter to function effectively

Regular Implant2

Wide range of implant abutments.

Another key feature of implant dentistry is that there is a wide range of implant abutments that can be attached to the body of the dental implant.


For the implant dentist , the wide range of dental implants abutments available means that clinically, he can restore a wide range of implant cases.