Dental Implant Cost

Comparing the cost of tooth implant can be difficult as dental implants are a complex dental procedure and the patient’s clinical condition varies tremendously. Some of the factors determining the final teeth implants price are:

Sometimes the jaw bone is too thin or soft . This is not ideal for dental implant placement. Special surgical procedures may be required to expand or harden the bone. In some cases, bone grafting procedures may be required. These dental implant procedures contribute an additional cost to the entire tooth implant procedure.

In aesthetic cases, where the gum tissues are thin or inadequate, soft tissue grafting may be required to improve the final aesthetic outcome. There will be additional fees to dental implant cost.

Regular titanium root-form tooth implant cost is more expensive while the mini dental implant cost is cheaper. Mini dental implants are much smaller in size and are usually used to retain simple, removable dentures. Mini dental implants are not for everybody as their failure rate tends to be higher.

For the soft bone condition or when bone grafting is needed, the inserted tooth implants are completely sutured up and covered by gum. These cases will require a 2nd stage surgery to expose the tooth implants and hence, there will some additional cost involved on top of the normal tooth implant cost.

Of all the factors, the experience and skills of the dentist is the most important. This factor also accounts for the variation of teeth implant prices quoted.

According to the Singapore Dental Health Foundation, the dental implants cost ranges from S$3500- $6000 for each tooth implant fixture with crown depending on the complexity of the case.

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