Autogeonous block bone graft has always been the gold standard for providing adequate bone volume for dental implants. Autogenous block graft is from your own body. The main disadvantage of autogenous bone grafting is that it requires a second procedure to harvest bone from another part of your body.


Allogenic bone graft or allograft ,is dead bone harvested from a cadaver.. The grafts are processed using the proprietary Tutoplast® process. The unique Tutoplast purification process has been used for more than 25 years. In that time, over 1,000,000 grafts have been placed with no cross infection with low graft rejection.


The allograft block graft works by acting as a scaffolding for bone cells to infiltrate and mature into vital bone cells


In the past few years or so , in our clinic , we have been replacing allograft graft block with autogenous block for dental implant bone grafting. The results have been good , although it is more technique sensitive and requires a high level of surgical skill.


The main disadvantage of allograft block is that it is an expensive bone grafting material for dental implants.