Guided bone regeneration or GBR is a process where by bone defects are filled with new regenerated bone by the use of occlusive membranes . The occlusive membranes work on the principle of mechanically excluding non bone cells from surrounding soft tissues to invade into the bony defect. But it selectively allows bone cells from adjacent parent bone to inhabit the bone defect and mature into living bone cells.

Process of guided bone regeneration (GBR)

Process of guided bone1

Bony defects in bone that need to be repaired


Process of guided bone2

The bony defect is filled with bone graft materials eg, Bio-Oss, Endo Bone , Cerasorb etc

A Guided

A Guided bone regeneration membrane (GBR ) eg

BioGuide, Tutoplast etc is placed over the defects to keep out non bone cells from surrounding soft tissues from invading and populating the bone defects. The GBR membrane selectively allows bone cells to populate and grow into living bone so as to fill up the bony defects

A Guided2

Sutures are than placed to close the wound so as to achieve primary  closure. This is an important step because in order for bone to form, there must be  no bacterial contamination  from the mouth