Children Dentistry @ Mount Elizabeth

Specialist in Children Dentistry : a fun place for children to go for dental treatment.

Children ‘s Dentistry or Paediatrics Dentistry is a specialized branch of dentistry dealing with children dental needs . At Mount Elizabeth Dental Surgery , we recognize the importance of starting good dental care at an early age for children. Our Paediatric Dentist , Dr Ja Intarajoot , DDS,MSc,FAMS has been nurturing good oral hygiene habits among children for the past 20 years or so.

Firstly children teeth and mouth are much smaller than adults and children have dental needs that are vastly different from adults. Handling of a child patient is also different from that of an adult patient. Nothing is more important  than handling a  child ‘s first visit to dentist correctly. Once a child is traumatized on his or hers first dental visit, than subsequent dental visits will be difficult or traumatized.  Dentist who specialized in children dentistry are well train to manage kids correctly to as to make the visit to a dentist ,a happy and fun visit.

Preventive Dentistry is the  the key to good oral health for children, says  Dr. Ja Intarajoot ,  Specialist in Children Dentistry   at Mount Elizabeth Dental Surgery , Mount Elizabeth Hospital.  Early detection of dental problems in children means that the child  will be spared from complex traumatic dental procedures that will cause them  phobia for dental treatment.  As such , our clinic is geared  towards prevention and early  detection of dental problems for children. The importance  of regular dental check should be instilled into a child psychic  says Dr Ja, as in the long term, good oral hygiene means  minimal tooth decay and gum disease during  adolescence  years and later adulthood.


Another important preventive treatment for children is fissure sealants.  Fissure sealants is the latest way to seal deep groves or pits in teeth so as to prevent tooth decay from occurring. Fissure sealants are simple and quick to do .Moreover it is painless as no drilling is required.

ee a paediatic dentist _

Dr Ja Intarajoot , child dentist with nurse Michelle


When should a child see a paediatic dentist ?

We advise parents to bring in their children by 1 years old , says Dr Ja Intarajoot. Dr Ja explain that although , the child dentition is not fully developed, it is a good time to bring them in to a familarize with the dental clinic environment. Although dental treatment may not be required at this stage, it is important to le the child know that this is fun place to be ,explained Dr Ja. This is because once a child finds the first visit to be enjoyable, subsequently should there be a need for dental treatment in the future, the child is more receptive to dental treatment procedures.

children dentistry1

Our clinic for children dentistry.

Our cosy and cheerful clinic provides a conducive environment for children to have their dental treatment . Our dental chairs are equiped with LED Screens so that you child can watch their favourite cartoons or movies while having their teeth fixed..


Dr Ja Intrajoot ,DDS.MSc,FAMS(Children Dentistry), being a children ‘s dentist or ‘kiddie dentists’ is experienced in treating a wide range of kid’s patients – from babies , toddlers , children and finally teenagers up to 18 years old. Her area of special interest is children with special needs ,for example those with physical or mental disabilities.


Being a hospital based clinic, our child dentist has treated many complex cases under various types of sedation in the hospital environment.


oxide sedation

Senior consultant orthodontist

Laughing gas/nitrous oxide sedation

For the very anxious child , we have laughing gas or Nitrous Oxide so that management of your child is a lot easier. For very complex cases, being a hospital base children dentistry clinic , we have easy access to theatre facilities at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. Dr Ja Intarajoot is an accredited medical staff of Mount Elizabeth Hospital with full admitting privilages.

Braces for children.

For children with crooked or crowded of teeth with a bad bite, our  child dentist will work together with  our orthodontist, Dr Ivan Lim for an ideal treatment solution for your child dental problem. Dr Ivan Lim is senior consultant orthodontist from National Dental Centre. He  has over 25 years of experience in braces treatment for children and teenages.


Do’s and Don’ts for your child first dental visit.


  • Should bring  your child to familiarize with  dental treatment procedures when you are undergoing dental treatment.
  • Do not frighten your child with horror stories of dental treatment.
  • Do not threaten your  child  to bring them to the dentist as a form of punishment whenever they they do something  wrong.
  • Do not insist on staying in the dental treatment room. Let the child dentist decide. Sometimes children can be manage better if the parents are not in the treatment room



  • Do not bring in the child for treatment only when they have an emergency.
  • Avoid using bribes or threats to bring the child in for dental treatment.
  • Do not use words like pain ,needle ,injections etc . Such negative words may frighten the child and create a lot of anxiety which may be very difficult to handle.