When a patient’s lower jaw is fully edentulous ( complete loss of teeth ) , the only option is a full lower denture. However , a lower full denture is often very loose , thus causing problems in eating and speech in some instances. With the advent of teeth implants , there are now various options available to a patient with no lower teeth.


Teeth implant replacement options will depend on:

FAQ on full arch teeth implants : lower Jaw

There is usually  enough bone in the lower jaw for some  dental implants  . Our in –office   CT scan will determine  the number of dental implants that can be done.

The lower jaw has better bone quality compared to the upper jaw resulting in a shorter treatment time of about about 2- 3 months.

Implant retained fixed bridge for lower jaw

This is a very good option for patients who want to have fixed teeth and yet do not have enough bone at the back of the lower jaw.


It is effective and economical as only 5-6 implants are required.


It can be done on patients who had their teeth extracted long ago even when there is severe loss of bone height. However, it is not suitable for patients with very heavy or unfavourable bite.

For patients with adequate bone in both front and back of the lower jaw . 7-8 dental implants are placed evenly distributed around the lower jaw . A 12- unit implant retained bridge is then screwed onto the 7-8 dental implants.

Implant retained removable over-dentures for lower jaw

This is the simplest and basic form of teeth replacement in the lower jaw.


2 implants in the front part of the lower jaw with ball attachments to retain the lower full denture. It is simple and economical . With 2 implants, the stability and retention of the lower full dentures are greatly improved.

If a patient have a bigger budget for dental implant treatment , 4 implants in the front part of the lower jaw will provide even greater stability and retention to a lower full denture. In terms of dental implant procedures ,it is simple and effective