Dental Implants were introduced to the dental profession nearly forty five years ago by Dr P.I. Branemark of Sweden. The bone fuses with the titanium dental implant and it becomes part of the bone with no mobility. The process of fusion of dental implant to bone is call Osseointegration. Dental implants are proven to be successful over the long term. Dr Branemark ‘s first dental implant patient in 1965 was Gosta Larrson. When Gosta Larrson pass away 4 years ago , the dental implants are still surviving in his mouth after 41 years in function !


In general , modern dental implants have a success rate of greater than 95 %.With proper care , they can last a lifetime. Moreover titanium has also been used widely in hip replacement by orthopaedic surgeons because the body do not reject it as a foreign body. Thus rejection of titanium dental implants by the body is extremely rare. Titanium Dental implants also have the advantage of stimulating and preserving bone. Therefore dental implants prevent the loss of jaw bone which would otherwise occur if dentures were used instead.


Recent studies indicated that placing dental implants immediately after tooth extraction (Immediate Implants) resulted in a high percentage of clinical success. And in selected cases ,a temporary crown can be inserted right away ( Immediate Loading ) Immediate Implants have the advantage of preventing bone lost and reducing the number of surgical procedures.